You look in the mirror and think your teeth are fairly straight. Then you notice your teeth cross a bit in the back, and you hear a popping sound in your jaw sometimes. Your front teeth may sit a bit more forward than it seems. So does all this mean you need braces? It could! If you or your child has problems biting or chewing, has jaw pain, or has teeth out of place, chances are you need orthodontic treatment. 

The best way to find out is to visit an orthodontist. Fergus Orthodontics can give you a full examination and determine what treatment — if any — you may need. Best of all, our evaluation is free and without obligation. If you don’t need braces or clear aligners, we’ll let you know! If you do, we’ll explain in detail what you need and why. The goal is to create the perfect smile and better oral health for you or your child!

Does My Child Need Braces?

When most people think of a child getting braces, they think of their teenage years. But they can need braces long before then. It’s easier to treat a child’s dental problems if they’re caught early. That’s why the American Association of Orthodontists recommends having your child evaluated for treatment by age 7. By then, their permanent teeth are mostly in, and the orthodontist can see if there are issues present or forming. 

Your orthodontist may recommend two-phase treatment for your child, first to prepare your child’s mouth for treatment, then to treat your child with braces or Invisalign Teen. We may recommend using braces or Invisalign Teen later if your child’s dental issues don’t require things like spacers, a palate expander, or a tongue crib. 

Whatever the case, your orthodontist can determine the best course of action to give your child the healthiest smile possible. 

Do I Need Braces or Invisalign? 

It’s never too late to get the smile of your dreams, especially if your dental issues are affecting your oral and overall health. Some issues can cause jaw pain, headaches, neck aches, TMJ disorder, sleep disorders, and even digestive issues without treatment. Why live with those when orthodontic treatment can repair them? 

Many adults worry about having a “mouthful of metal.” That’s why Fergus Orthodontics has options that can create the same beautiful smile but with much less visibility. If braces are best for you, then our clear braces are a great option. They have the same movement power as traditional braces, but the ceramic brackets better match the color of your teeth, making them harder to see. 

In most cases, Invisalign can do the trick as well. These clear aligners are custom-molded to your teeth, making them nearly invisible. You can get the smile you’ve always wanted within months, and many people may not even notice you’re wearing them! 

Here are a few signs that you might need braces.

  • Overbite -The upper teeth sit forward of the lower teeth by a significant amount. It’s natural to be just in front of the lower teeth, but if there is a large gap, that is an overbite and can lead to bite issues and eventually jaw pain.
  • Crossbite – The upper back teeth (upper molars) do not meet the lower teeth and instead sit inside the back teeth, or a single tooth sits behind its lower counterpart. A crossbite can cause jaw pain, excessive tooth wear, and chewing problems. 
  • Underbite – The lower teeth sit in front of the upper teeth in the front. An underbite can cause bite and chew problems, jaw pain, and even breathing issues.
  • Gap teeth – A large gap is visible between teeth that should sit flush next to one another. Food can get stuck easily and can cause accelerated tooth decay.
  • Crowded teeth – Teeth that do not have room to come in properly and, as a result, come in crooked in front of or behind other teeth. This causes biting and chewing problems, as well as self-esteem issues. 

Can I Afford Braces or Invisalign? 

A dentist may refer you to an orthodontist, but you can always take it upon yourself to visit the orthodontist if you feel you or your child is having dental issues. If you’re in the Jonesboro, AR, area, you can start by scheduling a visit virtually or in office with Fergus Orthodontics. Once you’ve had a thorough examination, we will be able to give you the best options for treatment and explain what each option will cost. 

At Fergus Orthodontics, we work hard to make your treatment fit your budget. We offer several financing options, including flexible down payments, zero-interest in-house payment plans, and extended payment plans that can stretch beyond your treatment time. 

We also offer several discounts, including family discounts. Each family member of our patient gets a family discount! In addition, we love giving back to those who give to our community. That’s why we offer special plans to members of the clergy, firefighters, police officers, and members of the military. 

We also offer a discount on full payments by cash or credit card, and we take insurance and payment from Flexible Spending Accounts (FSA). Just talk to us! We will work hard to make your treatment affordable. 

Getting Braces in Jonesboro, AR 

If you think you or your child are ready for braces or Invisalign, contact Fergus Orthodontics for your no-obligation consultation. We will do a thorough examination using 3D digital scanning technology that develops a far more detailed picture than the scanners of the old days. It also means you don’t have to worry about goopy impressions for plaster casts of your teeth! 

From there, we’ll determine your orthodontic issues and how best to fix them. You’ll know everything upfront before you decide on your treatment. We want you to be completely comfortable in your decision to get braces or Invisalign!