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Orthodontic care patients get a lot of tips and tools to make life with braces easier. One of those tools is a package full of wax.

What? You read right. It’s called braces wax or dental wax. Dental wax is used to soothe your cheeks, gums, and tongue as they get used to your new braces. Fergus Orthodontics strongly encourages you to use braces wax whenever you need to smooth out some rough edges.

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What Is Dental Wax? 

Dental wax, or braces wax, is a specially formulated, non-toxic wax that can be used over braces brackets and wires to keep them from irritating your mouth. As you get used to your new braces, your mouth will “toughen up.” Until then, dental wax can keep your mouth from getting sore. 

Braces wax is made from carnauba wax, paraffin wax, or beeswax. They’re made to be easy to warm and mold just by rubbing it between your fingers. They’re also non-toxic, so there’s no need to panic if you accidentally swallow a piece. 

Why Do I Need Braces Wax?

While today’s brackets are meant to be more comfortable than traditional metal braces, they still may rub your cheeks and tongue when you first get them. The inside of your mouth will become less sensitive to your braces the longer you wear them. 

If you start to get a sore spot on soft tissues from rubbing against your braces, use a small piece of braces wax over the trouble area for a few days. It will give your mouth time to heal. Eventually, you shouldn’t need the wax. 

You may have other issues that pop up later, such as a broken wire or one that has become too long as your teeth move into place. Use the wax to cover the poking wire, and let us know with your next visit where the trouble spot is so we can take care of it. 

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How To Put Wax on Braces

Is it easy to use braces wax? Yes! Here are the steps you need to take when applying orthodontic wax. 

  • Wash your hands. You don’t want germs on your hands to make it into your mouth. 
  • Floss, then brush your teeth to remove plaque and food particles before applying your dental wax. This keeps it from trapping food and plaque against your teeth, which could accelerate tooth decay. 
  • If you can’t brush, then rinse your mouth well with water to remove as many food particles as possible. 
  • Pull off a small piece of wax, about the size of a pea. Soften the wax by rolling it between your thumb and forefinger and roll it into a ball.
  • Press the ball into the shape of a disc and mold the wax over the bracket or protruding wire. 
  • Gently press the wax completely around the problem area to cover it completely. You can use your tongue to press the wax, as well. 

Can You Eat With Dental Wax? 

Eating with your dental wax still in your mouth is not a good idea because you can accidentally chew it up and swallow it with your food. While it is non-toxic, you don’t want to make a habit of eating it. Gross, right? 

We recommend you remove the wax beforehand and throw it away. NEVER reuse braces wax. Your old wax will have germs, food particles, bacteria from plaque, and all kinds of icky stuff in it from your mouth, and you don’t want to put all that back into your mouth, right? 

Replace your dental wax with fresh wax after you’ve brushed your teeth after your meal. 

Can You Sleep With Wax on Your Braces? 

Yes, you can sleep with braces wax in your mouth. The wax should adhere to your braces enough to stay put as you sleep. However, you should remove it in the morning and throw it away before brushing your teeth or eating breakfast.

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Other Tips for Using Orthodontic Wax

We’ve covered the main ways to use (or not use) braces wax. Here are a few more tips, just in case you have additional questions. 

  • You can drink liquids with braces wax, including milkshakes. 
  • In some cases, you can eat soft foods (mashed potatoes, grits, etc.) with braces wax, but it’s better just to remove it to eat. 
  • The best way to remove braces wax is with your fingernail or the edge of a toothbrush. Don’t poke it with a toothpick, fork, or other sharp implement or you could damage the braces bracket underneath.
  • We’ve said it before, but NEVER reuse braces wax. If you take it out, throw it away! 
  • Don’t panic if you accidentally eat braces wax. It should pass through your system normally within 24 hours. 
  • You shouldn’t keep braces wax on your teeth for longer than 1-2 days, though it’s doubtful you will wear it that long as you should discard it before you eat. If you decide to fast for a day, change out your braces wax the next time you eat.
  • Store your wax properly in its package in a cool place, and it should last for years. Check the storage instructions on the package for the best way to store it. 
  • Most dental wax is color and flavor-free, though some places offer it in different colors or flavors. Be sure you are getting authentic dental wax, which is non-toxic. 

Braces Treatment in Jonesboro, AR

Braces wax is one of the many tools we use during your braces treatment. However, today’s braces are made to be more comfortable than ever, so you may find you don’t use your dental wax very often. Still, it never hurts to keep some handy!

If you’re ready to begin braces treatment in Jonesboro, AR, or other orthodontic treatment, schedule an appointment with Fergus Orthodontics. We’ll take care of you and answer any questions you have about braces wax or any other part of your braces treatment! 

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