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My good friend, Dr. Jessica Cox, and I met in dental school at UTHSC many years ago. She’s an orthodontist in Mississippi with practices in Hernando and Olive Branch. Jessica was gracious enough to see my patients after I had my boys, Mason (5 yrs) and Max (2 yrs), during my maternity leave (or “short break”). I gladly repaid the favor after she had her twin girls, Westyn & Wynsley (3 yrs), and just recently in April and May after she had her new baby boy, Everett “Rett,” on May 3rd!

It was a joy to help.

I filled in for her one to two days a week to see her active patients and help with their braces or Invisalign treatment. Her staff made me feel extremely welcome, and her patients and their families were a joy to meet.


I’m thinking of her this Thursday as she returns to see new patients on Thursday, May 24th. We have two great loves; being a mom and being an orthodontist and I must say, we ROCK at both!

Wishing Dr. Cox a smooth transition and sense of awesomeness as she’s back loving her patients. Welcome Back!

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