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The lighthearted, laid-back, fun culture we have at our office is absolutely a byproduct of this amazing team!

Yes, I’m going to brag about our team for just a minute :). When I (Dr. Fergus here ?) started Fergus Orthodontics, I knew one thing for certain – I have to find the best possible group I can find to make this place not just an office, but a second home! I’m so proud to say we’ve done just that!

These girls are like family to me! We work so well together because we share the same goals, the same passion, and the same desire to serve every one of our patients and their families with dignity and love! Because of that, we also have an AMAZING time doing it.

It’s great to love what you do, and it’s even better to enjoy who you’re doing it with.

Enough talking! Take a look at one of my favorite videos!

Fergus Orthodontics TEam and Staff PHotos 1 2 - Meet Our Team!