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It’s Carla’s birthday today!

As our Office Manager, Carla plays a vital role in our office. She does an amazing job and we all see her hard work and great attitude each day.

Carla and her husband Reggie have a big, happy family. Together they have 3 sons: Tyler Watkins and wife Courtney, Matt Smith and wife Sybil, and Daniel Watkins. They also have 3 grandsons: Maddox, Reed and Harrison and they’re hoping for even more soon! She’s definitely a family person and that makes us glad to have her as part of our work family! We’ve loved getting to know Carla over the years. Here’s a few things we’ve learned about her:

  • Carla loves Pretty Woman, Criminal Minds, and as a kid, I Dream of Jeannie and Bewitched.
  • The worst pet she ever had was a Jack Russell Terrier named Joplin. “She was absolutely a terror. She would run around in circles-uncontrollable!”
  • She is not a fan of elevators.
  • If she could have one superpower, it would be to able to stretch like Stretch Armstrong, “so I could help more people each day.”
  • You can catch her eating at Skinny J’s. “Best burgers and steaks in town. The owner is a hometown boy and went to the same school as my boys. ” She said.
  • Some call her, “CarCar”.
  • Many people don’t know this, but she plays the piano.
  • She LOVES basketball and football. When she was in high school, her school didn’t have football. She never missed a game of basketball though. She says, “If the team traveled, we traveled. Thus, my love of basketball. My sons went to the same school I did. Tyler played basketball. My son Daniel was in the 7th grade when the school added football and he became a member of the inaugural team. That’s when my love of football began.”

So much to love about our Carla!

Help us wish Carla the best birthday imaginable today! Happy Birthday, Carla!

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