What we’re facing now, being stuck indoors because of COVID-19, isn’t quite like having a day or two off because of snow or a rainy Spring Break day. We are stuck for — who knows how long — and we need to find some ways to keep our kids from driving us bananas.

We thought we’d offer some ideas you might find useful.

#1 Do some kid-friendly yoga for P.E.
One of the best ways to keep kids from getting mischievous is to wear them out. Get them moving and sweating. This youtube channel offers kid-friendly yoga routines you can do together as a family.

#2 Use Libby to check out digital content from your public library.
Download Libby or Hoopla, connect them to your local library using your library card and you’ve got yourself some ebooks, audiobooks, or movies that you can stream for free.   

#3 Get some help with music lessons.
Have a kid taking music lessons or is in the band? Keep them on the right track with this site that provides helpful tools that will help your child keep their skills sharp.

#4 Get a pen pal!
Did you ever have a pen pal when you were a kid? Remember how fun it was to get a letter from a foreign country? How you’d look at the the stamps and the handwriting of your new friend? Your kids can get in on it, too! Just go to one of several reputable sites and sign up for a pen pal.

#5 Printable coloring pages.
If you still have markers or crayons in the house, you can use this site for printable coloring sheets. If you don’t have any of that stuff, make sure you grab some on your next daring adventure to the grocery store.

#6 Board Games.
Monopoly. Life. Risk. Settlers of Catan. Whatever you have, get some use out of those board games that take a long, long time to finish. Among other things, you’ll create some great memories together as you play.

#7 Find some fun recipes and cook together.
Last but not least, see what you’ve got in the pantry and search online for some fun recipes to make. Heck, even find some recipes that you’d like to experiment with and go get the ingredients for a tasty and fun time.

We’d love to hear from you and what ideas you’ve come up with. Share this page with your friends and see what you can do to support each other during this time.

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