Brushing your teeth with braces can be a bit of a challenge. Most of the time, brushing will get your teeth and braces clean. Sometimes, there may still be stuff stuck between the brackets or under the wires that the toothbrush can’t seem to dislodge. That’s when you need to call in the unique tool — a proxabrush.

What is this odd-looking little tool? Well, we’ll fill you in on all the details, including how to use it and when.

What Is a Proxabrush?

A proxabrush looks as if someone stuck a pipe cleaner on the end of a long, plastic stick. The “pipe cleaner” is actually a wire with cone-shaped bristles that taper to a fine point. That point allows you to sneak the bristles under the archwires on your braces and between your brackets and teeth. 

The handle is shaped with a curve near the head, making it easier to get the bristles into your mouth and between your braces while maneuvering it easily. 

The proxabrush is small enough to fit anywhere, so you can slip it into a pocket, purse, or backpack to use on the go. It has replaceable brush heads that you can change every 1-2 weeks, so you get the maximum cleaning power when you brush. You also reduce germs and bacteria by changing out the brush regularly.

How Do I Use a Proxabrush?

A proxabrush is relatively easy to use, but you’ll need to use it carefully. You slide the brush under the wire to brush between the brackets or slide it gently between your teeth if there is room. If there isn’t, you can use dental floss alone or with a flossing tool, a thin piece of plastic shaped like a large needle. 

Move the brush back and forth to clean off any particles your toothbrush may have missed. Be gentle when using your proxabrush, and be sure you don’t try to jerk it back out once you’re done cleaning. You could accidentally pull a wire or loosen a bracket.

Can Anyone Use a Proxabrush? 

Most people with braces can use a proxabrush, but there are a few exceptions. If you have gum disease or damaged gums, it’s best to ask us whether you can use a proxabrush. Don’t use it around canker sores (mouth ulcers) or if your gums are irritated or bleeding. Contact Fergus Orthodontics, and we will come up with another solution.

What If I Need to Know More? 

If you’re in the Jonesboro, AR, area and you still have questions, contact Fergus Orthodontics, and we can answer them. Your care and comfort are our priorities, and we want you to feel confident in your braces and how you maintain them. We’re always here to answer your questions!